Sunday, August 18, 2013

Designer Baby Bags

Becoming a mother is a great thing, but it involves a lot of sacrifice. It takes away a lot of the freedom someone has had before becoming a mother. Even worse, it usually comes at a fashion sacrifice. Many Moms must carry around a diaper bag to store the baby's things. Most baby bags are not cute at all; they are a huge downgrade from purses; however, a recent trend has began to reverse this. Typically baby bags were ugly, but a few celebrity mothers have turned designer baby bags into the next big trend. These are exactly what they sound like, baby bags made for high end fashion.

The idea of a baby bag being of a designer quality seems almost dumbfounding. Babies and fashion are total opposites, but somehow celebrities have made it work. These bags are simply stunning; they look better than most people's purses. You would be surprised how such a cute bag could be used to contain such uncute things. These bags are relatively new, but the market has already exploded with different bags made out of different materials in thousands of different color schemes. There is such a selection that you'd thing this form of designer fashion has been around forever.
Designer Baby Bags
This Gucci Bag comes in at a hefty $1,000.

The downside to these bags comes at the steep price. Like any kind of designer clothing, these bags are really expensive. Most people are sued to paying $20 or $30 for a bag, but many designer bags come at $200 or $300 prices. Let me make a note that this is the ENTRY RANGE price for baby bags. The top end designs can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. This seems mind-boggling ridiculous to me, but I supposed most designer clothes are that way.

So, if you are a mother and the thought of losing your sense of fashion has you feeling down, perhaps you should consider investing in designer baby bags. They are sleek, practical, and simply fun to show off. Unfortunately they do come at a steep price, but it is a one time investment for something that you might possibly use for years and years.